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Singapore financial planning services and adviceAAM Advisory is a licenced financial services company that is focused on your individual financial planning needs.

AAM Advisory has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure your interests and the interests of our clients are always placed ahead of our own.

Based in Singapore, the “Lion City”, our services extend to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and expatriates, delivering you professional financial planning solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our Goal Is To Be Your Trusted Financial Planning Provider Of Choice

As financial planners, we work for you and with you to coordinate all of your financial decisions, whilst upholding unparalleled standards of care, ensuring we act in your best interests, are transparent, and focus on building a personal relationship with you.

AAM Advisory is not owned or financially supported by any financial institution, bank, brokerage firm or insurance company, which means any financial planning recommendation you receive is impartial, and free from the influences of any third party, giving you peace of mind.

Why Should You Choose To Work With AAM Advisory As Your Financial Planning Partner?

Our clients take all aspects of their financial life very seriously and so do we, which is why we have built long standing relationships with clients from all over the world and we know we can do the same with you.

As one of the fastest growing financial services companies in Singapore we bring over 100 years of combined financial planning experience to the table. We have over 3,500 clients and over $400 million of assets under administration.

This means you can have confidence knowing that you are dealing with a company who can tailor financial and insurance solutions to your needs.

It does not matter whether you need retirement planning, wealth preservation or growth, protection, or just a review of your existing financial arrangements, we are happy to assist.

Whether you are new to Singapore, or have been here for years, we invite you take advantage of an objective, competent and confidential complimentary financial planning consultation or to request a free copy of our expatriate financial planning guide.

We look forward to assisting in your financial planning and your long term financial success.

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