Alice Tang

Alice was born and raised in Malaysia, has a degree in Educational Psychology & Counselling from the National Taiwan Normal University and is fluent in Mandarin and English. Before moving to Singapore, she worked in a few major Asian cities so fully understands Asian cultures and values, enabling her to communicate and serve her Asian clients better.

With a keen interest in investments, Alice started her career in the financial industry in 2007. She cares very much about helping her clients accumulate and protect their wealth, and ensuring it is passed on to the right people at the right time.

Alice puts her clients’ interests first and spends time understanding their needs and concerns to provide the best bespoke solutions for them. She understands the needs and challenges of family business owners when succession planning in SE Asia and commits to do her best to provide bespoke solutions to them.

Alice loves art, food and traveling. She can often be found in local art galleries, attending concerts or volunteering at her church ministry. She has just started to paint and cook and has found the rhythmic motions of painting and cooking very therapeutic.