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Exposing the myths on UK Inheritance Tax – Part 1 of 3

Exposing the myths on inheritance tax
In this three-part series we will be exposing the myths on UK Inheritance Tax Myth 1 - My partner will inherit everything free of UK inheritance tax (IHT) … won’t they? Many people assume that if they are married or in a civil partnership, UK IHT will [...]Read more

Inheritance Creation

When you have an asset, say a family business, that you want to leave to one, or more, of your children who work with you, but you have insufficient assets for your other children not involved with the ‘family firm’. What do you do to ensure they are all treated fairly? The answer?

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Mutual Wills Explained

Estate Planning Singapore AAM Advisory

The biggest fear for many couples when making a will can often be that when one of them passes away the survivor could reduce the amount left to the intended beneficiaries meaning that even if the survivor does not change their will there can still be problems if they spend the money or give it to someone other than the mutually intended beneficiaries. A potential solution to this problem could be to make mutual wills.

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UK Inheritance Tax and Intergenerational Planning: Providing for your Children and Grandchildren

Find out all the answers to important questions regarding Estate Planning such as when should you pass your money down to your children, how much should you give, and who should you give it.

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UK Inheritance Tax Can Take Up To 40% Of The Money You Leave To Your Spouse!

UK Inheritance Tax Advice

Did you know – if you are a British person married to a non-Brit, your spouse could be liable for a UK Inheritance Tax bill of up to 40% of your worldwide assets upon your death?…

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Inheritance Tax: UK’s Most Hated Tax Lives On

Inheritance Tax

George Osborne’s move to allow families to pass on estates worth up to £1 million free of inheritance tax (IHT) was warmly received, but is far less generous than it first seems.

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The Impact of a New UK Government

Following the General Election on 7th May, the Conservatives alone now form the UK government and it is a purely Conservative affair, not a coalition. Find out how this will impact you and what you can do about it.

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Who’s your little Angel’s Guardian?

As an expat, it is likely your nominated legal guardians for your children, named in your wills, do not live in Singapore. What happens to your child if the unthinkable happens?

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