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The UK Budget – Intergenerational Fairness but fair to Whom?

Speculation is rife that the Chancellor plans to focus on “Intergenerational Fairness”, in other words to court the votes of the young at the expense of the rest of us. Whilst all of this is rumour one thing is certain, there will be change and you will need to consider how this affects your planning for the future.

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The Value of Advice – Why it is Important to Seek Financial Advice

Investors working with Financial Planners are on average $80,000 better off than those who don’t.

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UK Final Salary Pensions – The £50BN Exodus

The knock-on effects of George Osborne’s pension flexibility proposals and whether you should transfer your pension.

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How will the Taxman come after South African Expats?

As a South African expat in Singapore living in a country where the top tax rate is 22%‚ but your salary falls into South Africa’s 45% tax bracket‚ the taxman now wants to come after you to collect the difference of 23%.

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Are you Paying Unnecessary Tax and Letting Agent Fees on your UK Property?

Inheritance Tax

Income from a property in the UK is usually subject to UK tax wherever you reside. However, depending on your nationality and country of residence, you may be entitled to the UK personal tax allowance.

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The 2017 South African Tax Season Has Officially Started!

This year there have been changes to South African Tax and we list below some of the things to look out for during this filing season (covering the tax year from 1st March 2016 to 28th February 2017).

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Is Keeping Your Final Salary Pension Really The Safest Thing To Do?

savings and investments - money for retirement.

The benefits and pitfalls of transferring a Final Salary Pension; what should you watch out for and what should be included in the report you receive.

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The AAM Approach To ETFs

The Rise of ETFs: What You Need to Know Part Three: The AAM Approach to ETFs Parts One and Two in this series outlined the reasons why so many investors are turning to passive strategies instead of actively managed funds, but also that there are several considerations and […]

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Opportunities for Active Managers

The Rise of ETFs: What You Need to Know Part Two: Opportunities for Active Managers Part One of this series on the rise of ETFs outlined the limitations of actively managed funds, namely, the difficulty they have in delivering returns that justify the fees they charge. While […]

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The Death of Active Managers

The Rise of ETFs: What You Need to Know Given the tremendous growth in investing through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in recent years, AAM has prepared a three-part series of articles aimed at providing investors with everything they need to know about ETFs.  In this first instalment, [...]Read more