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Staying on top of your financial wellbeing

With the pandemic in full force, it's natural that we may worry about the future and the impact on household finances. Perhaps it's more important than ever to think about your financial wellbeing. Financial wellbeing is about being secure and in control. It’s knowing that you can [...]Read more

Are you in control of your pensions?

AAM Are you in control of your pension

When planning for retirement you need to consider what retirement means to you; where you will be, what you will do and how much money you will need.
For some of us retirement is just around the corner and very real while for others it is years away and feels like a hazy dream. Whatever retirement is to you, if you want it to be exciting and fulfilling it is clear that forward planning is needed.

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Economic impact of Coronavirus

The news that a new form of coronavirus had been identified in the major Chinese city of Wuhan was enough to send Asian stock markets into retreat. While in Europe, luxury-goods makers with Chinese order books also took a hit. Despite the start of the Chinese New [...]Read more

Complimentary UK Pension Audit worth £840 for your friend

REFER A FRIEND Refer friends you think would benefit from a complimentary UK Pension Audit Add another friend? No Yes By ticking this box, I confirm that * I have obtained the consent of the person(s) I am referring, to disclose their name and email address to [...]Read more

Brexit – No Budget but an election seminar

AAM UK Election Budget 2019

Another year on and the Brexit story drags on. Confident of leaving the EU on 31st October the Chancellor, Sajid Javid had indicated that he planned to present his first Budget on 6th November.

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Refer a friend

REFER A FRIEND Add another friend? No Yes By ticking this box, I confirm that * I have obtained the consent of the person(s) I am referring, to disclose their name and email address to AAM Advisory, and for AAM Advisory to contact them for the purposes [...]Read more

AAM Wins Gold at Expat Living Reader’s Choice Awards 2019

We are pleased to begin 2019 with the announcement that we have been voted as the top firm for Financial Planning Services at Expat Living’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2019.

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Wills and Protection: An informative talk

Please join us for an informative evening, where we’ll discuss the importance of wills and protection. Making a will is an important part of estate planning and some of us are not aware of the adverse consequences of not having a valid will. We’ll also cover the need to safeguard your family’s income and lifestyle against financial loss in the event the unexpected occurs with the combination of life insurance and protection plans.

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The Importance of Good Cyber Security Practices

With the recent cyber-attack that was carried out on one of Singapore’s largest healthcare institutions, it highlights the importance of cyber-security. While the fate of 1.5 million patient records remain in question, you can do your part to secure your online data by having good cyber security [...]Read more

How to Protect Your Personal Data and Detect Phishing Scams

With the convenience of technological advancements, information accessibility is at the touch of your fingertips. A valid network connection and a device is all you need to be connected. The importance of data security for individuals and businesses alike cannot be understated. Emails are the preferred mode [...]Read more