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Australian Property Seminar 2020

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Brexit – No Budget but an election seminar

AAM UK Election Budget 2019

Another year on and the Brexit story drags on. Confident of leaving the EU on 31st October the Chancellor, Sajid Javid had indicated that he planned to present his first Budget on 6th November.

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Wealth Solutions Seminar : Asia, Europe, Australia – Where to Retire and Will Brexit Spoil Your Retirement Plans?

AAM WS Seminar Where to Retire

Retirement isn’t just where, it is how and when too. So, you think your biggest challenge is to decide where you will retire, think again! Having decided where and when you want to retire and what you want to do, you not only need to make sure that you can afford to but also make sure that you will be allowed to live there. Retirement means moving from money coming in to money going out, and understanding what your retirement cashflow looks like is essential. In this seminar Ian Black, AAM Head of Financial Planning and Wealth Solutions, and Dominic Volek, Managing Partner of Henley & Partners, will discuss the factors you need to consider when deciding where and when to retire, and how Cash Flow modelling can help you ensure that you can enjoy your retirement with peace of mind.

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Emergency UK Property Seminar

AAM UK Emergency Property Seminar

Following the consultation on changes to Private Residence Relief applicable from 6 April 2020 announced in the last budget, HMRC has published the response to the consultation and the resulting draft legislation.

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Australian Start of The Tax Year Seminar

AAM ATO September Seminar

Now that the Election is behind us, what does the ATO have in store for you? With the Federal Election following hot on the heels of the 2019 Budget we now turn our attention to the policies of the reinvigorated Coalition Government. In previous years we have seen a raft of measures which have impacted on the financial wellbeing of Australian Expats and amongst the latest, one which could remove your Insurances from your Super without your knowledge.

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Compass Portfolios Update

On Thursday, 2nd May 2019, Compass Fund Manager, Sacha Chorley will bring you updates on the Compass Portfolio performance…

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What will the 2019 Australian Budget mean for you?

With the date for the 2019 Budget having been confirmed as April 2nd, attention is turning to what the Treasurer may have in store for us in this pre-election budget. In previous years we have seen a raft of measures which have impacted on the financial wellbeing of Australian Expats. Ian Black – AAM Head of Financial Planning and Wealth Solutions – will discuss the changes introduced in the Budget, how these will impact you and what you can do about them and the key Labor proposals likely to come in if they win the election in May.

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Brace for A Budget Stealth Tax Grab Seminar

Amongst the noise surrounding the Brexit negotiations, Budget rumours have already begun, with the Chancellor needing to find £20 billion by 2023 to fund NHS spending pledges. The Chancellor is also set to examine capital gains tax, Inheritance Tax and maybe even invent stealth taxes, so you may need to act fast to protect yourself. This could be a momentous Budget and knowing how you are affected could make all the difference to your wealth.

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UK Pensions in The New Age of Freedom

AAM Uk Pension Seminar Feb 2019

In recent years the UK Pensions landscape has changed beyond all recognition, sowing confusion over what you should do for State Pensions and Private Pensions alike.
Join us to hear what factors you need to consider when evaluating how well prepared you are for retirement and what steps you should take to protect your pensions from continual legislative and tax challenges.

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Asia, Europe, Australia – Where to Retire & Can You Afford Your Perfect Retirement?

Join us to hear what factors you need to consider when choosing where to retire including the ongoing questions raised by the Brexit negotiations.
Our speaker will be Ian Black, AAM Head of Wealth Solutions, who benefits from over 24 years’ experience and is one of the industry’s leading technical experts on offshore insurance-based planning.

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