FREE Singapore Financial Advice Guide

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new expatriate to Singapore, a seasoned veteran, permanent resident or Singapore citizen, our free Singapore Financial Advice Guide was written with you in mind, to make your time spent in Singapore enjoyable as well as financially rewarding.

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What Can You Expect To Find Inside The Singapore Financial Advice Guide?

Designed in an easy to read format, we have broken the guide down into 2 sections, to increase your learning.

A resource you’ll definitely want to keep, containing all the essential financial information you need to know.
Section 1: Financial Planning
You will discover unique opportunities that are only available as a resident in Singapore, with a focus on helping you find ways to improve your financial prosperity.

General financial planning While you are resident in Singapore, what can you do?

Family and personal protection If you need life insurance, income protection or critical illness cover, how much do you need and what would be best way for you to arrange it?

Retirement planning and savings Are you on track and do you have sufficient for what you want?

Portfolio planning and investment Where’s the best place for you to invest to potentially maximise your future returns?

Property financing and mortgagesWho do you to talk to and what options are available to you?

Taxation and estate planning What information do you need to know and how do you go about arranging it?

Singapore permanent residentWhat are the pro’s and cons you need to be aware of and what do you need to do to proceed?

Section 2: Living in Singapore
Get an understanding of the typical expenses and associated costs for you and your family to aid in your personal financial planning.

Commencing Work in SingaporeImmigration and employment, as well as becoming a Singapore permanent resident.

Property rental and international schoolsUnderstanding the associated costs and local rental process, plus a comparison of the major international schools and their costs.

Typical foreign university fees and expenses – The costs of sending your child to university and housing them in various parts of the world. Our guide demystifies them for you.

Buying propertyUnderstanding the process and determining which form of mortgage suits you best.

Buying and maintaining a carThe costs will surprise you!

Taxes– How much tax do you need to pay based on your income and when?

4 Common Types of Insurance For Your Financial Well-Being

If this video has given you new insight into holistic financial planning, learn more about your options or an insurance consultation here.