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Free webinar: Your future security is more than picking investment funds

When working as a Wealth Manager, it is not enough anymore just to be a good portfolio manager.

Clients see their Wealth Manager as everything from a life coach and lifestyle planning expert to a financial services concierge and relationship manager. This diverse set of roles requires a holistic menu of products and services to aptly meet clients’ needs.

Managing wealth has become more personal and complex as the world and our choices have become more complicated. Retiring, starting a new job, budgeting and education are the most common life events clients need help navigating.

In today’s complex world it is harder to sift through the mountain of information to find what you need to know, and the real options open to you. It is also difficult to spot a poor investment masquerading as great one, but a good Wealth Manager will help you weed them out.

By considering a range of real-life situations, in this webinar Ian Black, AAM Director of Global Wealth Structuring, will show how working with a Wealth Manager can give you peace of mind throughout your financial journey.


This webinar is cancelled.

About the speaker

AAM Director of Global Wealth Structuring

Ian Black, Director of Global Wealth Structuring, AAM Advisory

Ian is a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Personal Finance Society. He benefits from over 26 years’ experience and is one of the profession’s leading technical experts on offshore insurance-based planning.

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