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I want to reassure you that even though we are not working from the office, we are fully equipped to service you from wherever we are. It will be business as usual for our wealth managers and support staff and you should not see a difference in service levels. Our wealth managers will continue to be contactable via the phone and they can also communicate with you through video conferencing.

Your well-being is of utmost importance to us

We thank you for your understanding.


AAM Advisory CEO Eryk Lee

Eryk Lee

Staying on top of your financial wellbeing

With the pandemic in full force, it’s natural that we may worry about the future and the impact on household finances. Perhaps it’s more important than ever to think about your financial wellbeing.

Here are 5 top tips to help you stay on top of your financial wellbeing.

Staying calm in a crisis

Anyone who follows the news knows that the world’s economies are going through a prolonged spell of uncertainty. It’s natural at these times for some investors to have concerns.

We appreciate it is a very unsettling time for investors. For the most part though, the basic principles of long-term investing remain the same – short-term corrections may not impact the long-term financial plan.

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Investing through volatile times

When the world’s economies are going through a prolonged spell of volatility,  it’s natural for some investors to have concerns. The truth is that share prices invariably rise and fall but, for the long-term investor, this shouldn’t need to be the primary concern. Historically, long-term performance tends to even things out and there are even good reasons to see opportunity when markets are more volatile. Click here to view our top six investment principles for you to keep in mind when times are uncertain and markets are fluctuating.

Coping with Covid-19 induced separation

We’re living in an unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic, where we’re required to practice safe distancing or even to self-isolate at home. While it makes sense to ensure we stay at home as much as possible to slow the spread of this virus, self-isolation inevitably comes with its own challenges.

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