How we work with you

When you’re successful you’ll often have sophisticated financial needs. But it follows that you may also be very busy and have little time to properly reflect on your needs, goals and objectives, let alone conduct relevant research and source appropriate solutions. Our personal wealth planning process ensures these things are covered for you. We help to take the strain out of making wealth planning decisions that are essential to you in achieving your financial goals.

Our purpose is firstly to provide you with professional, robust and reliable advice, and then to ensure that you remain as involved and in control as you want to be. So, we will make sure that you always fully understand:

  • what strategies we are recommending and why
  • how these strategies will assist you in achieving your financial goals
  • how much our advice and the implementation of our recommendations will cost you
  • our ongoing service and value to you

To develop these strategies and implement a plan for your financial future, we will take you through our ‘5 step process’.

AAM Advisory 5 Step process-01

Your first meeting with a wealth manager is our opportunity to first get to know you as a person, and to find out what’s important to you in life.  Your wealth manager will take time to:

  • understand your past experiences in managing your wealth;
  • capture a clear picture of your current financial situation; and
  • gain clarity on what’s most important to you in dealing with a wealth manager.

From here we work with you to build a strong foundation for a long-term relationship between you and your wealth manager.  This meeting is a great opportunity for you and your wealth manager to share experiences and ideas so that a clear roadmap for your future financial success can be created.

You will also have time at this meeting to learn more about AAM Advisory – our history, our client undertaking, our areas of expertise, as well as gaining insights into the types of service and products that we can help you with.

Your wealth manager will also provide you with:

  • a copy of the ‘Singapore Financial Advice Guide’ giving valuable insights into the important aspects of wealth planning in Singapore
  • a brochure which will outline our commitment to on-going service
  • a professional profile giving a summary of your wealth manager’s experience, and
  • a Service Fee Agreement

These documents further outline our services and give an indication of the types of fees you’re likely to need to pay.

At the end of the meeting, if you’re interested in our services, we can decide upon the best way forward for us to help you achieve your financial goals.

After we have reviewed your fact-find and undertaken our analysis (with the help of our Global Wealth Structuring and Investment Research team if needed), your wealth manager will present your personalised Statement of Advice (SoA) to you, which focusses on your financial priorities.  Your wealth manager will also share the analysis of your current and projected future situation and clearly explain the recommendations being made – as well as the features of the solution(s) being recommended and their key benefits to you.  At this point we will detail all applicable fees and charges so that you are fully informed and in control of the decision-making process.

When you reach your decision  to move forward to implement some, or all our advice, we will answer any final questions you may have and complete the necessary paperwork with you.  Any fees and charges for implementation and ongoing advice contained in our SOA will be clearly and transparently described to you.  (Fees may be subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST.)

Advice implementation charges

AAM initial charges

The most effective advice does not stop after the initial implementation of a strategy. It’s perhaps even more important to carry out regular reviews to ensure you remain on track as your circumstances change and your goals and priorities evolve. It’s also essential that we work with you to take stock of your plans and re-strategise with you should market conditions dictate.  It’s for these reasons that we continue to support you with our ongoing service, throughout all stages of your life.

Our ongoing advice and reviews will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

We can offer you three levels of ongoing service, designed to ensure that advice and solutions remain relevant to your circumstances. Details of what is included in each level, and our charges for each, are mentioned in the Ongoing Service Brochure, which we’ll give to you in our first meeting with you.

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Singapore Financial Advice Guide

SG Financial Advice Guide 2021

Request our complimentary Singapore Financial Advice Guide, over 60 pages of essential information for Singapore residents and all newcomers.

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