Nakul Sharma

After completing his MBA from Staffordshire University, Nakul spent time living and working in the UK.  He relocated to Singapore in 2012 and joined the Financial Services Industry.  In 2014 he joined AAM Advisory.

As a trusted Wealth Manager and with his extensive knowledge and experience in providing financial planning advice, Nakul builds excellent long-term client relationships, founded on honesty and integrity.  His primary focus is on helping non-resident Indian clients with their diverse and personal financial planning needs.  He helps his clients to plan and implement financial plans that help them attain their future financial goals.

Nakul is married to Pooja who works as a Security Information Manager. They both see Singapore as their home now and plan on being here for the long term.

Nakul is a people person and loves socialising and meeting and networking with new and interesting people.  He is also an avid nature lover and enjoys hiking, travelling and driving in mountainous terrains – outside of Singapore!

Client testimonials:

” Nakul was very good with his objective recommendations to us, which helped us arrive to a best answer for our family. He is very knowledgeable about the products and that helps in bringing out the best solutions for his clients. It was a pleasure to work with Nakul and I would recommend him to other prospective clients.”

Gagandeep Singh Nanra, Head of Strategy, Google

“I was introduced to Nakul Sharma by one of my colleagues and after the initial few phone calls, a meeting was set up. I was explained in detail all the points covering the term insurance that I intended to get signed up for. More importantly, after deciding to go ahead with it, his follow up on my various queries for the next few days were very promptly addressed.  Overall an excellent experience dealing with Nakul and next I am looking forward to seeking his expert advice on my investments.”

Capt Larsen Sydney Peter, Operations Manager, POSH Semco Pte Ltd