Simon Bird

Simon was born and raised in the UK and following his studies there he moved on to begin his professional career there too.  He gained his professional qualifications in stockbroking and financial planning in the UK in the early 1990’s and then subsequently moved overseas in 1993. His international wealth management experience includes time spent in Dubai and Switzerland and he is now based in Singapore.  His diverse client experiences have helped him to understand some of the key cross-cultural habits and priorities when it comes to managing personal wealth.

He is dedicated and committed to providing all his clients with exceptional experiences when planning their finances and wealth.  With each individual client, Simon aims to establish their unique and personalised proposition that adds value to their lives.  Simon’s wealth management experience allows him to provide clients with effective solutions in the key areas of protection, savings, investments and tax and estate planning.  He helps clients to create an effective approach to planning their financial portfolio to achieve their future goals.

Simon’s own future ambitions include growing his professional knowledge and experience and thus adding even greater value to his client relationships.  In his personal time, Simon plays cricket for the Singapore Cricket Club.  He is also an active skier, golfer and squash player.  He enjoys travelling and he has more recently rediscovered a love of playing the guitar.