Stay safe

There has been a rise in fraudsters who set out to impersonate AAM Advisory and other financial services providers. This can often involve criminals impersonating a genuine firm by:

  • setting up bogus websites using their name and/or logo
  • sending a ‘cloned’ email
  • setting up fraudulent bank accounts

These fraudsters are often articulate and knowledgeable, using sophisticated techniques to impersonate companies and research their targets, making their scams look like genuine investments.

Your security is our priority, so we have reacted quickly to help you and our wealth managers to spot these fraudsters.

If you believe you’ve been targeted by online scammers who are impersonating AAM Advisory, please email [email protected]

Follow this simple checklist to protect your finances

AAM stay safe tips

Here are some tips to help you stay safe from scams:

AAM stop challenge protect

Many firms, including AAM Advisory, are helping customers by allowing more flexibility at the moment – like carrying out some transactions online and sending documentation by email. This is because we recognise that it may not be possible for you to meet your wealth manager face to face.

Whilst we are happy to help by offering you this flexibility, we do emphasise that unencrypted email is not secure and you should only use it if you understand the risks and are unable to operate in the usual ways.