Tripartite Standards

Recognition as a progressive employer: The Tripartite Standards

We are committed to building a better work environment for our employees and have therefore implemented good employment practices that meet the requirements of the Tripartite Standards.

In total we have registered for 7 Tripartite standards:

TS Age friendly

1. Age-friendly workplace practices

We treat older workers fairly and provide them with support in areas such as training and workplace health programmes.


2. Contracting with self-employed persons

We state the obligations and duties clearly in written agreements to foster stronger working relationship between both parties.

TS Term employment

3. Employment of terms-contract employees

We provide our term contract employees with the same benefits (leave entitlements, notice period and training) as regular employees.

TS Fexible work

4. Flexible work arrangements

We provide information about the types of Flexible work arrangements available, and allow our employees to apply for them.

TS Grievance handling

5. Grievance handling

We inform employees about the grievance handling policies and procedures that are put in place to manage workplace grievances fairly and objectively.

TS recruitment practices

6. Recruitment practices

We assess and select job applicants fairly and based on merit.


7. Unpaid leave for unexpected care needs

We inform employees about the types of unpaid leave available to support their unexpected caregiving needs.