What does the term global wealth structuring mean?

Wealth structuring is the essential, but often-forgotten, element of financial planning. It is the plan put in place to allow you to achieve your objectives in a way that ensures compliant, non-contentious tax efficiency.

Previously available only to the most affluent of people, AAM Global Wealth Structuring brings this ‘true financial planning’ to everyone.

The AAM Global Wealth Structuring team

Led by a Chartered Financial Planner with over 26 years of experience, the Global Wealth Structuring team works with you to ensure that the creeping globalisation of taxation does not prevent you from achieving your goals.

You know that it is important to take stock of plans for key milestones in your life, including funding your children’s education, buying a new home, moving to a new country and planning for retirement. Working with your wealth manager, AAM Global Wealth Structuring is focused on your future and the efficiency of your financial planning.

It is also important to make sure that, should the worst happen, your nearest and dearest, not the tax authorities, are the ones who benefit most. AAM Global Wealth Structuring will help you develop a wealth preservation strategy which aims to put your wealth in the right hands at the right time and minimize the impact of estate taxes.

How we work

When thinking about your wealth, we consider

  • What is it for?
  • When will you use it?
  • Where might you be when you need it and what taxes may apply?
  • Who else do you want to benefit?

Our specialised services

We offer a number of specialised services to help with specific areas of your financial planning.

For example, an AAM UK Pension Audit gives you a completely unbiased view of the UK and overseas pension markets, with no obligation or any pressure to act. Your audit will enable you to fully understand all the options available to you if you have a UK-based pension but no longer live in the UK.

Providing a detailed analysis of your existing pensions and relevant alternatives, your audit will help you understand the real pros and cons of pension transfers, so you can make an informed choice about the best way to plan for your retirement.

Here are the other specialised services we offer:

  • Multi-Jurisdictional tax planning helps you navigate the maze of global taxation
  • Retirement planning to help you enjoy the lifestyle you want when you retire
  • Estate and succession planning to make certain that your wealth passes to your intended beneficiaries with the minimum of tax deducted
  • Partnerships to assist you with Australian, South African and UK Tax Return preparation and submission, to simplify the management of your tax affairs
  • Our AAM Global wealth structuring seminar series keeps you up to date on developments which can enhance or threaten your financial wellbeing

We have been helping clients reach their financial goals for over 12 years, now let us help you – starting with a complimentary financial consultation.

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We have been helping clients reach their financial goals for over 12 years, now let us help you – starting with a complimentary financial consultation.

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